Corporate Video

Natalie Halpern Productions in Jacksonville, Florida has produced high-quality corporate videos for some of the most well-known brands and Fortune 500 companies.

We’ve interviewed CEOs, COOs and many brilliant business minds.

Every corporate video we produce is designed to convey key corporate messages in compelling ways, advance strategic goals and engage target audiences.

Because we manage the entire production process, we offer a high caliber of work across all phases of a project.

Over the years, our corporate videos have kicked-off executive presentations at SXSW and the World Marketing Summit, celebrated half a century of corporate success and accompanied major product launches.

This clip is from a video we created which tells the story of how Nielsen gathers insights about every aspect of consumer life. Using a combination of beautiful footage, infographics and narration, the video explains the breadth and depth of Nielsen’s market research capabilities.

One Day with Nielsen Clip from Natalie Halpern Productions on Vimeo.

If you’ve got a story to tell, want to enhance you strategic communications or share your corporate values in a way that resonates, give Natalie Halpern Productions a call at 703-966-8908 or visit our contact page.

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