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Natalie Halpern

Natalie Halpern

CEO & Executive Producer

Telling stories has always been a part of my life. My passion is producing films that capture the spirit and values behind individuals and organizations. Those stories inspire me, and I use my experience as a journalist and award-winning producer to draw them out and create an emotional connection. What else fascinates me besides people? Traveling to other continents and most anything that connects me with the ocean.


Mark Claywell

Director and Cinematographer 

As a commercial television director/dp for many Fortune 500 companies, what I do best is combine contemporary visuals with human stories, and genuine moments. This combination of simple emotional scenes and bold cinematic photography has proven an effective way to connect with viewers. Aetna, Nike, AT&T, Shell, Mercedes and NASCAR, are just a few of the companies to which I’ve loaned my storytelling talents.

Find out more about Mark at his site at MarkClaywell.com.

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