Video Production

Our video production process

Planning and pre-production

Other than capturing a great story, video production is about executing a creative vision using the highest production values.

Our approach allows for ample client input throughout the entire video production process with predetermined tollgates.

We begin with our discovery phase where we meet with the client to determine:

  • Project goals
  • Key messages
  • Target audience(s)
  • Timeline

During this phase we engage in some brainstorming sessions with the client on potential approaches to crafting the video.

Drawing out the story

With that information, we begin our research with subject matter experts to inform the creative development process.

During this phase our veteran team of producers, writers, and animators develops several innovative concepts that seamlessly weave together narrative content, visual style, production techniques, and motion graphics to connect most effectively with the client’s target audience(s).

We present those concepts to the client as storyboards for evaluation and discussion.

Production: Creating compelling content

Once the client selects a direction, we develop a production outline. Locations are scouted and appropriate permissions are obtained, talent is selected, interviews are scheduled and the filming begins.

Our skilled cinematographers light a set and move the camera in a way that makes viewers feel like they are part of the story.

Our Executive Producer Natalie Halpern brings extensive experience as a journalist and filmmaker to her interviews, drawing out a subject’s innermost thoughts and feelings to capture those elements that make a story compelling.

As the footage comes in, graphics and animations are created, voice overs are recorded and our experienced editors weave the story together and bring it to life in the form of a rough cut. Natalie makes sure the narrative flows and tells a story that will connect emotionally with viewers.


Our post-production process is highly collaborative and we encourage client involvement. We obtain approval at key points to avoid adding unnecessary expense and time delays. When issues arise, we provide options to mitigate the problem and look for innovative ways to turn a negative into a positive. We put our client’s needs first.

As we move closer and closer to the deadline, the rough cut becomes a fine cut.

The result is a video that engages, inspires and entertains, delivering your organization’s message in a powerful way to your target audience(s).






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