Video Storyboard

A great script needs a great video storyboard artist.

The key to a smooth production is a well-thought out storyboard. We’ve produced dozens of corporate storyboards, web video storyboards, even storyboards for documentary films. A great storyboard can be executed in a number of ways.

Animation storyboards

For an animation oriented piece, our storyboard artists, designers and illustrators can create storyboard graphics and storyboard illustrations using pencil sketches, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop renderings.

Video storyboards

For a video-oriented piece, we can create a storyboard using stock images, pencil sketches or ink and color renderings.

We can provide storyboards for the following types of productions:

  • advertising campaigns
  • broadcast commercials
  • corporate videos
  • nonprofit videos
  • public-service announcements
  • web videos
  • documentary films
  • training videos
  • educational videos
  • even feature length films!

With our storyboarding experience, Natalie Halpern Productions can help your corporate video, campaign or film come to life.

Give us a call at 703 966-8908 or contact us to discuss your project and a quote.

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