A professional corporate video can go a long way to help you promote and increase the visibility of your brand.

Gone are the days of one-way communication in marketing. In today’s world, clients and consumers are constantly looking for ways to engage with your brand. A professional corporate video that captures their aspirations and connects with them on an emotional level is a powerful marketing tool. It’s how successful brands like Vespa and Dove are building strong relationships with consumers.

So should you hire a professional video production company to create a brand defining video or do it yourself with an iPhone and iMovie?

While iPhone videos have a place on your Facebook page where immediacy trumps production values, a home page video for your website should reflect the quality of your brand. That’s why hiring an experienced video production company which knows much more about lighting and sound recording is the way to go.

But there are many other reasons for getting your corporate video brand story professionally produced. Many companies go the do-it-yourself route thinking it will save money. However, when you factor in the learning curve and time lost doing something outside of your expertise, the cost savings are far less.

Plus hiring a professional corporate video production company to create a professionally produced corporate video will almost always result in a high quality product.

A brand defining corporate video should be just that. It shouldn’t look like the guy next door did it – poor audio quality, shaky video and messaging that’s all over the map.

A good video production company is not only skilled at producing a corporate video with the highest production values, its expertise also lies in analyzing your brand or organization and creating a compelling and creative storyline that defines your brand’s values and communicates your message effectively.

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