Healthcare Video Features Jacksonville Telemedicine Company

A big perk of being a video producer is getting to interview fascinating people about why they’re so passionate about the work they do. Natalie Halpern Productions recently had the opportunity to produce a healthcare video about two JAXtrepreneurs who are changing the face of healthcare through a telemedicine company. Charu and Ravi Raheja are the founders of My 24/7 Healthcare.

The company offers patients the opportunity to talk with a doctor or nurse by phone to assess whether their symptoms can be treated at home or require a visit to the doctor or ER.

According to Charu, the company’s CEO, 70% of people who think they need to go to the ER, don’t. Through confidential phone or video visits My 24/7 Healthcare’s network of doctors and nurses can diagnose and prescribe medicine to patients, saving patients time and money and also reducing healthcare costs for communities and organizations.

The Raheja’s wanted a simple interview-style video that would express their passion for innovative healthcare. And that is just what we delivered.

My 24/7 Healthcare Video from Natalie Halpern Productions on Vimeo.

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