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Natalie Halpern Productions has now produced two rounds of testimonial videos for us – and will absolutely produce more in our future! Telling our story is so important to us. We are passionate about what we do for our clients and the environment we create for our people. But no one can tell the story better than those who have directly experienced it, and Natalie’s ability to elicit the true sentiment of how LBA is able to make an impact is amazing. Natalie Halpern Productions has brought the culture of LBA to life on film. Just one week after posting our new home page video, a potential client found us online and watched that video. They knew immediately we were the right firm for them. They believed in our passion – in our commitment – and in our people. Now what could be more powerful than that?

Jamie Thomas, Partner, The LBA Group

A global market research company was committed to maintaining a very high level of employee engagement during a major transition. Steady improvements in employee satisfaction had been achieved year over year as measured by employee opinion surveys. The company wanted to do even more, and they turned to Natalie Halpern for her expertise in visual storytelling. The company appointed key leaders to create a communications strategy that would engage employees, bring to life the cultural improvements that had been made, and enlist employees’ support to participate in the upcoming opinion survey. Working closely with senior executives to understand the need, Natalie helped to develop a scriptand produced a light-hearted, high-impact video that contributed to double digit improvements in employee engagement scores and an industry best in class survey participation rate of 95%.

With this project and many others that we collaborated on over the past 4 years, Natalie was a quick study on our business strategy and culture. She is incredibly skillful at applying that knowledge and using video to tell stories that inspire, motivate, educate, and recognize people and organizations.

Kathleen Miller, former Senior Vice President of Communications at Nielsen

At San Juan del Rio Catholic Church we have launched a Capital Campaign to raise funds to build a much needed Parish Family Center. The campaign committee agreed that a video would allow our pastor to explain to parishioners how greatly this new space is needed. We are thankful that we found Natalie Halpern Productions to produce the video.

Natalie was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. We gave her our thoughts and ideas and she was able to focus on the message that our parish leadership wanted to convey. Natalie made everyone feel very comfortable throughout the interview process and encouraged them to speak from the heart. Her crew was very timely, thoughtful and professional. It was fascinating to see how it all came together and to see our vision brought to life. From the lighting to the music, it turned out wonderfully, and the committee was extremely pleased. Natalie is a true professional and was able to meet all of our requests and provide an excellent product for us to share with our parish family of 12,000. We have begun to share this video and participation in our fundraising campaign is already increasing. Our first showing was a huge hit and we raised $8,000.00 in just one day.

Michael Boylan, WJCT President & CEO, and Campaign Chair and Danielle Anderson, Campaign Coordinator

When we made the decision to add the element of video to our new website, the challenge was finding the right video production company for the job.  As accountants, consultants and wealth advisors, the relationships we have with our clients are paramount.  Thus, we needed someone we could trust to represent our firm.  Natalie was the consummate professional throughout the process and the end result far exceeded our expectations.

Jamie Thomas, Director of Marketing & Communications, The LBA Group

Natalie did a great job helping our organization highlight what we do best.  As a result of her interviewing and editing skills, she was able to capture the essence of our organization, what we do and the services we offer.  Our clients have responded positively to our video blogs and this has helped with our image and marketing.  Natalie is highly professional and efficient.

Susan Robertson, Founder & Managing Partner, Stop At Nothing

Natalie and her team filmed our donors, sponsors and volunteers at the PGA TOUR Bike MS “Cycle to the Shore” ride.  The video she produced for us seamlessly weaves in footage, interviews, graphics and music to tell the story and capture the excitement of our largest fundraising event. We are using it to engage and bring on new sponsors and participants for our upcoming 25th anniversary ride.  The video is proving to be a great and unique way to generate excitement for our event, communicate our mission, and continue to build relationships with our corporate neighbors in Jacksonville. Natalie was professional, creative and a pleasure to work with!

Corrina Steiger, President, North Florida Chapter, National MS Society

When I decided to have a film about my sculptures produced, I concluded that there were two purposes: to help promote my work and to provide a legacy piece. Through her thorough probing, challenging, insights, sensitivity, empathy, precision and pure creativity, Natalie helped me to define who I am and communicate that message in a concise and compelling film
that is featured on my website and on YouTube, where it has gotten over 75,000 views in just over three years. Many other worldwide websites, which cater to similar interests, have linked the film to their websites. My video has produced sales from those whom I could not have reached otherwise. It is also an excellent reference for introductions.

David Engdahl, Sculptor

Your film, “Piotr Szewcyzk: The Passion Behind the Music,” really shows how talented and creative you are both in telling a story with passion and making it visually engaging!

Piotr Szewcyzk, Violinist and Composer, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

Natalie demonstrates an innate and keen sense of how to reach and engage various populations.  She possesses a special talent in writing, video production and storytelling.

Sandy Cogan, Former Senior Public Relations Program Manager, AED Center for Health Communication

I’ve watched “Africa’s Daughters” twice now. It’s such a powerful documentary; I could watch it over and over again. Having grown up and been educated in East African villages, your documentaries trigger memories of life and the plight of the girl child in the villages. Sometimes I can’t help holding down tears, since this is the reality even in my own home and neighborhood in Western Kenya. Thanks for your dedication and your work in highlighting the struggles of girls and other children in Africa, who possess great potential but do not have opportunities.

William Omondi

“Tumaini Letu” (Our Hope)

The film was a game changer. It has provided us with an opportunity to show our funders, first-hand what we do. For example, our new client and the person involved in selecting the NIAID contractor at the National Institutes of Health stopped at our booth in Toronto. I got her to stop and watch the film.  She remarked that she did not realized that we were an implementer and how she was surprised at the depth and breadth of our program implementation.

Frank Beadle de Palomo, Former Senior Vice President and Director, AED Center on AIDS and Community Health

It’s very impressive, moving, vivid, powerful. Even though I’ve spoken to several people at AED about your work, this film made me truly understand the nature and impact of what you do.

John Shaw, Reporter, The Washington Diplomat

Wonderful, particularly because it shows something working in HIV and Africa.

Bill Smith, Former Executive Vice President, AED

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