Sparking a Love for Learning through the Arts – Jacksonville Corporate Video

Seeing students have a love and excitement for learning made producing a brand defining corporate video for the Orange Park Performing Arts Academy, OPPAA, Clay County Schools first performing arts school, a truly inspirational experience.

The arts-infused curriculum at OPPAA allows students in grades K-6 to incorporate the arts into core subjects like reading, math and science, which makes learning more fun and helps them retain the concepts they’re being taught.

Students get to create a rap to help memorize multiplication tables or make a model of the earth’s core using clay.

OPPAA’s curriculum also includes instruction in dance, music, fine art and drama, during which budding performers not only learn new vocabulary words when memorizing their lines, they can also gain the self-confidence that will help them succeed in all areas of their life.

I feel fortunate to have a form of self-expression that allows me to capture and share these kinds of transformative experiences in which the arts can ignite sparks in so many children and help them do better academically.

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